ON1 Photo 10.0.2 UI Tweaks

ON1 released a small Photo 10 update, 10.0.2, and I just finished the update. There are two small user interface tweaks I've noticed that are welcome changes.

  • Filter Stack Drag & Drop Handles: Did you know filters can be re-ordered in the Filter Stack by dragging and dropping them? It's more obvious in 10.0.2. At the right edge of each filter, there are now three horizontal lines.

    I don't know if this control has an official name, but I think Drag & Drop Handles describes them well. Click, hold and drag on one of these handles to change the position of a filter in the stack.
  • Perfect Brush Toggle: The Perfect Brush is the edge detection mode of the Masking Brush. In Suite 9.5, the Perfect Brush was a checkbox in the Tool Options Bar. When Photo 10 released, the Perfect Brush was put inside a gear menu.

    With Photo 10.0.2, the Perfect Brush is once again a click away on the Tool Options Bar. The Perfect Brush icon is blue when turned on and white when turned off.

Hey ON1... want extra bonus points? Assign a keyboard shortcut to the Perfect Brush toggle.

ON1 Photo 10: Rearrange filters in the Filter Stack with drag & drop.

ON1 Photo 10.0.2: Perfect Brush on

ON1 Photo 10.0.2: Perfect Brush off