ON1 Photo RAW Essentials, 6th Edition

Learn Photo RAW 2019. All of it.

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Photo RAW 2019 is a major update to ON1’s asset manager and photo editor. My ebook ON1 Photo RAW Essentials has been completely rewritten for Photo RAW 2019. It is the most comprehensive book on Photo RAW in the market.

The 6th Edition covers everything in Photo RAW. This is just a few of the topics explained in this book:

  • Organizing your photos in Browse

  • Non-destructive editing with Develop, Effects, Layers, and Local Adjustments

  • Masking and blending modes, including luminosity masks!

  • Portrait retouching

  • Focus stacking

  • Soft proofing and printing your work

And there so much more. It’s 295 pages of everything you need to know about Photo RAW. It’s not just a how-to book. I’ve also paid attention to explain why a certain feature is important and when a technique or tool is useful for your photo editing. The book is packed with practice exercises, too!

Want more info? Check out the sample pages on the product page.

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