ON1 Photo RAW Roadmap

I'd received a debrief on the enhancements and improvements coming for Photo RAW a few weeks ago... but I couldn't talk about them - until now! ON1 posted a detailed rundown of the features coming to Photo RAW. The ones I'm most excited about:

  • Quick Mask in Develop & Effects
  • Chisel in Develop & Effects
  • Compression in PSD
  • Automatic Lens Corrections
  • Versions & Groups
  • Clone Stamp in Develop & Effects

I am particularly jazzed about versions & groups. If you're a Lightroom user, you'll know these as virtual copies and stacks. Versions is huge for me. As a photographer, I like to experiment with different treatments of a photo without making duplicate copies. As a photo educator, versions are perfect for illustrating different techniques side-by-side.

Releasing periodic updates is a great move by ON1. Also, as noted on their roadmap, it makes it easy to issue maintenance fixes & new camera support.

If you haven't already picked up Photo RAW, ON1 is running a promo. For $99, you get Photo RAW, 60 presets and 4 video training courses.