ON1 Photo RAW Sneak Peeks

ON1 dropped a few articles and videos this week. Several short clips, inspiration videos and ON1 Photo RAW sneak peeks. It's the sneak peeks I thought are worth highlighting.

Workspaces in Develop

Dan H. gives a deeper look at the Develop module (the kiddie gloves come off of Enhance) and how the UI will allow workspaces (groupings) of various panels. It's a nice idea. Select what you work with most often as your default, create groups based on a shooting genre, etc. For example, I'm a landscape guy, so I don't need Skin Retouching to be present all the time.

What I found more interesting is studying the screenshot of the proposed panels for Develop. Based on what I see here, I'll be doing a lot in Develop and fewer things in Effects. Develop simply has a lot of stuff right there. 

It will be interesting to see how the ON1 Photo 10 and 9.5 Effects presets transfer to Photo RAW. When B&W was folded into Photo 9, the preset migration was, well, not very friendly. Certain presets just didn't work. I don't want a repeat performance of that.

Non-Destructive Editing

Matt K did a quick demo video of non-destructive editing. The demo itself shows what you'd expect - no file copies, no choosing formats, etc. There's no PSD/TIFF file anymore... Photo RAW is creating instructions that are applied against a RAW file and rendered in real time. Just like Lightroom, Aperture and Capture One do today.

The copy & paste of the settings across photos is uninteresting. I expect that. What is interesting is how fast it is. Ridiculous. The glimpse of the Settings menu suggest there will be granularity of setting management per module (Reset Develop, Reset Portrait, etc.). 

I'm certainly eager to get my hands on Photo RAW and start working with it. And I appreciate the continued peeks behind the curtain ON1 is giving us.