ON1 Releases Photo RAW 2020 Beta

In August, ON1 announced a set of new products coming this fall, including an update to Photo RAW. Today, ON1 posted a public beta of Photo RAW 2020 so you can try it out for yourself. There are lots of new features in this release and performance is quite good. The beta feels snappy and responsive on my late-2016 MacBook laptop.

Check out the video and see my 36-second edit using leveraging the all-new AI Match in Photo RAW!

Here are my favorite features about Photo RAW 2020.

AI Auto Tone & AI Match

ON1 Photo RAW 2020 brings AI tools to Develop

Making basic adjustments is now even easier with the AI Auto Tone and AI Match buttons in the Develop module. Backed by machine learning, these options quickly balance color, highlights, shadows, vibrance, and many other settings.

AI Match adjusts sliders to match what you saw on the back of your camera. The AI Auto algorithm uses artificial intelligence to quickly adjust a photo without losing highlight or shadow detail.

You control the amount of AI to add to your scene using the Auto slider. If the AI changes are too strong for your liking, just dial them back a little.


Channel Mixer

A channel mixer is a classic tool - and for a reason. It gives you tons of control over the colors in your image. Coupled with the excellent masking tools in ON1 Photo RAW, you can target color changes very precisely. Create the exact mood and tone you want in an image.

A channel mixer is also quite handy for fine tuning the tone in your black and white photos. And infrared photographers will rejoice! With the channel mixer, the classic red/blue channel swap is available in Effects. Channel Mixer for the win!


Preset Fade Slider

Use the Fade slider in Browse to fine tune the strength of a preset

Using presets in Browse is a fast and easy way to get quick looks applied to your photos. However, presets can sometimes be too strong for our photos. Photo RAW 2020 introduces a Fade slider in the Presets tab so you can back off the strength of a preset to match the look you want.


Date-Based Browsing

Browse your cataloged folders by date in ON1 Photo RAW 2020

Browse your cataloged folders by date in ON1 Photo RAW 2020

On the asset management side of things, Browse now has date-based browsing. Browse is always checking for new photos in your cataloged folders.

Photo RAW 2020 adds a Date panel to Browse. Skim through all of your photos by day, month, or year.


Print Module

Printing got some love in Photo RAW 2020, too. The printing dialog is completely redesigned and much cleaner. All of the choices for printer, size, and color management are there.

Photo RAW 2020 makes it easier to print sets of photos. Print a single photo many times or a set of photos in a batch. You can also create contact sheets with customized captions for client review.

Watermarks and output sharpening are also directly in the Print window.


These are just a few of the features in Photo RAW 2020. This update brings a new Weather Filter, a Sun Flare filter, better noise reduction, SmugMug integration, a new Map View, language support, and more.

The ON1 Photo RAW 2020 beta is available now and you can try it out today.