Palace Door in South Korea

I spent my first bit of time in Photoshop CC yesterday evening with one of the few features I knew I'd want to exploit - Perspective Warp. My wife was on a trip to South Korea recently and she came back with a bunch of pictures. She knows I like old doorways, and she snapped a bunch for me at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.

Apparently she was in a rush. :-) Check out the before and after.

After: Photoshop CC Perspective Warp

Before: Tilted, not taken perpendicular to the door

Before: Tilted, not taken perpendicular to the door

Granted, I didn't 100% nail the job on the perspective... but wow, that's a wonderful feature of Photoshop CC. I'd muddled through this in Gimp in the past. Photoshop CC was a much smoother experience. It makes we want to revisit so many of my architecture shots from the past, especially those when you're shooting a building facade at street level and can't help but get a skewed view of the world.