Pangs Of Camera Guilt Or... I'm Getting Lazy And I Know It

As I write this, it's been a full 30 days since I've picked up my camera. Ok. Strictly speaking that's not true. I picked up the camera to take a photo of it for this blog post. So it's 29 1/2 days, letter of the law. Seriously... I kid you not... until today, my camera was still nestled in the bag from when I last packed it leaving Oregon.

There are reasons. I'm working through photos from my Oregon trip, recording more In The Field and In Post videos, producing other content. Another is I've been reading Derrick Story's new book The Apple Photos Book for Photographers - and thoroughly enjoying it. Once I finish it, I'll post a review. 

However... there is the elephant in the room. I'm getting lazy. And I know it. I haven't been motivated to get out there. Yeah, it gets dark early. And yeah, that makes it harder to work sunset shoots into my schedule. Rising early in the mornings is not much better. It just seems harder after daylight savings shift. Harder, but not impossible.

So... I wrote this post as a marker. It's mid-December. I will do at least 4 shoots before the year's end. And you all can keep me honest. And yes, good-hearted chiding and ribbing are totally allowed.