Playing Catchup This Week

Last week was rough. I was sick the entire week. There's still a lingering cough, too. The very attentive will notice a scratchiness in my voice for some videos I've done. Actually, I couldn't get much done as a result.

So this week I'm playing catchup. I'm recording a bunch now to have several In The Field & In Post videos in the pipeline. Why? Starting next week, I'll be guest coaching in the ON1 Plus community. I'm looking forward to it. I also know it's going to take a good chunk of the time I dedicate to photography. Hey - when I sign on to do something, I wanna do it right!

I'm also working on finishing up two projects I started in January. And in a couple of weeks I'll have another announcement. I'm very excited to share it (I kinda want to do it now, but patience is a virtue!). If you're a subscriber to my mailing list, you'll get the news there first.