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Roof In Seville

I've shot very little during the month of January, and I can't say February is off to a rip-roaring start either. I have been working on photography a lot, but it's been the backend of things. Writing, working on some videos, and preparing for workshops is occupying a lot of my time recently of late.

For mental breaks, I've been armchair traveling and looking through photos I hadn't processed. The one above is a simple shot... I took the photo one hot afternoon in Seville, well over 100 degrees F. My family was staying cool in the hotel and I was getting antsy. I grabbed the camera, went to the rootfop patio, and started taking photos of Seville from a different vantage. I really like the patterns and textures of the tile roofs. 

And yes, after about 10 minutes in the blistering heat, I was back inside with a cool drink. :-)

Technical details:
- Sony A7R w/ FE 70-200 F/4 G OSS
- f/8 @ 200mm, 1/400s, ISO 100
- Processed in Lightroom