Scripps Beach

This photo was taken on what I'll call a "me" photo shoot. My daughter wanted to visit the beach, and she expressed interest in taking some photos. I loaded her up with a camera, and while helping her I planted my tripod legs and let my kit take some long exposures.

If I'm honest with myself, I'm not completely content with this image. I don't feel I've quite struck the balance of highlights and shadows I have in my mind's eye. There aren't a lot of highlights in this scene. Perhaps that's a source of my struggles. 

After two rounds of different editing approaches - and a couple of hours of time spent - I need a break. I'm posting this as a marker. Maybe I'll like it more after spending time away from the photo. And maybe I'll return to it for more tweaking.

Technical Details:
- Sony A7Rii w/ Sony FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS
- Formatt-Hitech filters (10-stop)
- f/16 @ 16mm, 122 sec, ISO 100
- Processed in Lightroom and ON1 Photo RAW