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Short Term Annoyance With OnOne And Layers

I'm generally happy with OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite 8. There's many improvements over PPS7. However, one step backwards is how PPS8 brings in multiple photos from DAMs like Aperture or Lightroom.

 Each image as a document. Not what I want.

Each image as a document. Not what I want.

 Each image as a layer. Exactly what I want.

Each image as a layer. Exactly what I want.

When I bring multiple images into PPS, it's because I want to blend those images together. Maybe it's for focus across a landscape, to brighten or darken areas, mask in a sky, whatever - the point is I want each image on its own layer. With PPS8, selecting multiple images in Aperture or Lightroom and launching the suite, each image is brought in as its own document.

There's a workaround. Select one image, copy the layer, select another image, paste the layer. And repeat until you've consolidated into a single document. A real slowdown on the workflow.

In an OnOne webinar earlier this week, I asked if the old behavior would be brought back, or at least made user selectable. I am very happy that OnOne immediately replied yes. I'm not the only one that's missed this feature.

For the short term, I can live with the annoyance. And it's much more palatable knowing the next update to Perfect Photo Suite 8 will restore this functionality. Thanks to OnOne for listening to your customer base.