Sony A6400 Setup & Configuration

I’ve just added a Sony A6400 to my kit. In this video, I power it up for the first time and walk through the initial configuration. My primary use for the A6400 is as a video and vlogging camera. So my settings slant toward that usage.

Settings I modified from the defaults, menu by menu:

Camera Settings 1

  • File Format: RAW

  • JPEG Quality: Extra Fine

  • Long Exposure NR: Off (Why? Watch this video)

  • Color Space: Adobe RGB

  • Bracket Settings > Bracket Order: - -> 0 -> +

  • ISO Settings > ISO Range Limit: 100 - 6400

  • Face Registration: I registered my face

Camera Settings 2

  • File Format: XAVC S 4K

  • Record Setting: 30p 60M

  • Zebra Settings > Zebra Display: On

  • Zebra Settings > Zebra Level: 100+

  • Grid Line: Diag. + Square Grid

  • Audio Signals: Off


  • No changes


  • No changes


  • Copyright Info: Add my name

  • Folder Name: Date Form

My Menu

  • No changes