Thanks For A Great Book Launch. And What's Coming Next.

First and foremost - a big thank you for a great book launch. ON1 Photo RAW Essentials has gotten a very warm reception. I truly appreciate all the comments and feedback you have sent in. It's been great. Your input has already given me ideas on how to make the book even better. Yes, there will be a refresh! ON1 Photo RAW still has several new features to roll out in the next few months, and I plan to have the book keep pace. And yes, if you bought the book, you'll get the refresh for free. Yeah... that's how I roll.

Next, thanks to everyone that's worked with me through download issues. Man, oh man, this has been rough on me. I plan the launch, stage all the products and pages, test the checkout, prepare the announcements, a hundred other little things. Launch day comes... and you fine people can't download the book. Insert gears screeching to a halt here.

The rough part is I can't directly fix it. I'm told a fix is coming very soon. Everyone has been very understanding and I really, really appreciate that. The download experience has improved, although its not completely gone. The workaround, while cumbersome, is working. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's patience. You are all awesome.

Outside of the book launch and technical fire fighting, I've been doing a lot of planning for the rest of this year. The photo on this page is the test run for a new video product I'm working on. Well, two products actually. One is coming along nicely, but still a little early to speak directly about. Soon, though. The second is going to take several more months to complete. I want it to be great and I'm giving myself plenty of time to make it that way.

Also, I've been planning workshops for the latter half of 2017. The March and April San Diego workshops sold out quickly. If you are interested in joining one of my workshops, subscribe to my mailing list. I can't stress that enough. Workshops are announced to my mailing list before I announce them on this blog. So... be on the lookout for those to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thanks, as always, for spending a few minutes of your day with me.