The Cigar Cave

Emmy & Raul, owners of The Cigar Cave

On Wednesday night, I met up with two other Sony photographers in Hillcrest for an adventure. Well, it was an adventure to me for sure. I'll have more about that later this month on the 300th episode of In The Field (wow, 300!).

However, I couldn't wait to share photos from the true highlight of the evening - The Cigar Cave. Let me say this up front... if you're in the San Diego area and are into cigars, wine, and drinks, check this place out. It's in the Hillcrest neighborhood. The street address reads 5th Avenue although you've got to look for the signs. There's also an entrance from the alley between 5th and 4th off of University Ave.

The unfinished mural outside The Cigar Cave

The next game of billiards is about to begin

A patron gets a light

We stumbled across The Cigar Cave because of mural artist Alex. He'd just finished the outline of a mural for the cigar bar. Alex saw our cameras and invited us over to see what his mural in progress. The outline of his mural alone is already so cool - I can't wait to see the finished work. Alex invited us inside to have a look. The Cigar Cave has a strong 1920s prohibition type vibe to the place. The inside feels very film noir. It's dark, but not in a creepy way... it's moody yet inviting. Attention to detail has been paid - right down to actual copies of New York Times newspapers from the era.

Owners Emmy and Raul are so very warm! Emmy gave us a tour of their place. There is the main bar, a humidor filled with cigars, a billiard room, and an almost hidden open air area nestled between the buildings. Emmy and Raul were also very gracious, letting us take pictures as we pleased. We were invited behind the bar, too. And they let me into the humidor to grab a few frames, too! Although I don't smoke, I have to admit... the aroma in the humidor was something special. 

Who's up for a smoke?

A part of the cigar collection inside the humidor