The Gear Box

Did any of you notice "Gear" in the site menu? Over the last several months, I've received a lot of questions about the various gear I use for my photography. Both in the field and back in the studio.

Well... I've started putting together a page with all of the details. Man... it's kind of like moving. You don't realize how much stuff you actually have until you pick up every last piece. I've got a healthy amount of my gear posted already, and I'll be adding more soon.

For those that know me, I care not just about the "what" of a piece of gear, but also the "why" behind it. I don't want to post just a laundry list of products I have and use. I firmly believe there is value in knowing why a photographer finds something useful. So... it'll take me a little more time to assemble and organize the list. I won't be writing volumes about each piece of gear, yet I do want to give you a grasp of why something is in my kit.

I've also decided to make The Gear Box a set of links to Amazon listings. If you're looking to buy some new gear, you can support my work by using one of the links on The Gear Box page. It doesn't cost you anything extra to use one of my links. It does put a few pennies in the coffers and help refill that mug of caffeine I'm slugging on each day. :-)