The ON1 Photo RAW Book Is Coming Soon

A year or so ago, I wrote ON1 Photo 10: Layers, Effects & Masking and it's remained one of my most popular titles. Since Photo RAW released in December 2016, people have asked "When's the Photo RAW book coming?"

I actually hadn't planned on writing a Photo RAW book. There was so much video content about Photo RAW, I didn't think a book made sense. And then a few more people asked "When's the Photo RAW book coming?" And then a few more. And a few more after that. Pretty soon I realized it wasn't a one-off request.

This reminded me of something I often say. Different people learn in different ways. Video isn't for everyone. Or video is complementary. Sometimes we want a printed page next to us as we work with a new tool. Or a handy reference to remind us what a slider is used for. Books have their place. As does video.

So... I decided to write the book. It's called ON1 Photo RAW Essentials. It will be available really, really soon. Stay tuned.