I'm Thinking About Going To Photo Plus Expo 2015

Photo Plus Expo has just opened for registration. I've been considering going this year. It would be nice to immerse myself in the photography industry for a few days. And it's been a long time since I've visited Manhattan. I went to university just across the Hudson River from Midtown and popped into the city reasonably often.

I started sketching out the trip. I'd forgotten how expensive rooms are in Manhattan! Even Airbnb is a little dear for a private residence (remember, I'm a shy guy, renting just a room doesn't sit well with me). Or maybe I never really thought about the costs. The only times I stayed in the city was day-job-related travel (read as "the company paid") and the time I was in high school and my Dad took me to see Paul McCartney at Madison Square Garden, one of my fondest memories.

I could stay across the River in Hoboken and take the ferry. Cuts down on the room costs. However, that makes getting to and from the airport more of a hassle (i.e. more costly). And cuts into time I might otherwise spend in the city shooting places like Grand Central Station or Central Park. On the other hand, Hoboken has great views of the Midtown skyline. I'm not sure.

Flights from San Diego are proving interesting as well. I'm lucky enough to have flyer miles from past travels so I can swing free airfare. That is, if I want to bounce through Seattle and arrive in NYC well after midnight. Not my first choice.

I'm still scratching my head. Pitting reasonable comfort with frugality, I'm still looking at $1000 to make the trip. That doesn't include specialty items like a sponsored photo walk or a master class.  And it'll probably be more, because "stuff" always comes up.

I'm rethinking this... maybe I'll take a more local trip for half the cost, and have way more time to be out shooting instead. I'm not too much of a gear guy.... is that what PPE is all about?

Are any of you going to PPE? Have you been in the past? I'd appreciate any insights into what the major draws of the show were for you.

Scott DavenportComment