Updates Coming Soon To Mastering Light & Shadow In ON1

I spent a good portion of yesterday recording new videos for Mastering Light & Shadow In ON1 Photo. There are a bunch of new tools in Photo RAW 2018 that give us photographers even more control over light and shadow in our imagery. 

Photo RAW 2018 Updates Coming Soon!

Photo RAW 2018 Updates Coming Soon!


What new videos are coming to this course? Here's the list:

  • What's New In Photo RAW 2018: There are several new tools and controls that make shaping and crafting light in ON1 even better.
  • Chisel & Blur Mask Tools: Masking is a big part of shaping light and shadow. I'll show you how these two tools are used to fine tune your masks.
  • Mask Density & Feather Sliders: I'll show you how these new sliders in Photo RAW 2018 help you control mask strength and softness.
  • Supercharged Luminosity Masks: A deep dive into the improved luminosity mask control with the Levels and Window sliders. This is hands down my favorite new feature in Photo RAW 2018.
  • Example: Windansea, California: A start-to-finish editing session showcasing the course techniques and Photo RAW 2018 features. A practice image will also be included with the course.

My goal is to have the additional videos ready when the official version of ON1 Photo RAW 2018 is released. These will bring the entire video course to over a whopping 5 hours of video training.

If you already own Mastering LIght & Shadow, you will get the Photo RAW 2018 updates for FREE. Stay tuned.