What Happened To The Lightroom Book?

Hey Scott... Where's the Lightroom book?

Wow... you all have good memories and are really paying attention. Many blog posts ago, I mentioned I'd started work on a Lightroom workflow book. Sort of a "sequel" to Effective Aperture Workflow. And I must have mentioned the month of April, because I got the above question from several of you during the first week of this month.

So what's going on? In the early part of 2016, I'd written 30-40% of the book. Then I started losing interest. The project felt dry and I've been working on other things like Making The Shot videos that, to be honest, were more fun for me to work on. I'd all but given up on writing the book. And then the power of the internet changed all that. If it weren't for several of you asking if the book was close to being done, I don't think I would have continuing writing it.

Now, it's mid-April. I'm between workshops. The book isn't done, but I'm back on the horse, writing away. It's certainly not a sliders, knobs and features book. Rather, it documents my asset management workflow, both how I do things in Lightroom and – more importantly if you ask me – why I do them.

There's a part of me that still asks "Another Lightroom book? There's so many of them." And then there's a part of me that realizes what I'm putting together is unique and will be valuable to many of you. Certainly many of my fellow Aperture refugees. So... stay tuned (again) and if you're waiting for this book, drop me a quick note. The more folks I know are looking forward to it, the faster I'll write. Really, it's true.

And a special thanks to Greg and Malcolm for volunteering to help with the proofreading process. Much appreciated guys!