What's New In Luminar Flex 1.1

Skylum updated Luminar Flex with several new features and better performance. Two of the improvements I like most are with overall usability. The filter catalog is now open by default streamlining my workflow. It’s also much easier to install Luminar Look Packs, too. I’ll show you what I mean in this video.

Scroll down for more details on the latest release.

Save $10  On Luminar Flex. Use offer code  SDP10

Save $10 On Luminar Flex. Use offer code SDP10

Here is what’s new in Luminar Flex 1.1.

  • Accent AI 2.0. Enhance your photos in seconds with the power of Artificial Intelligence and let Luminar Flex do all the heavy lifting. Accent AI 2.0 is human-aware and offers the perfect adjustments for *EVERY* photo.

  • Filter catalog. With this new update, whenever you open your Luminar Flex plugin, the Filter catalog will open by default. It’s perfect for finding your favorite filters fast. It’s also searchable by keywords and tasks, automatically learns from you with the Recent feature, and lets you mark your favorites!

  • Improved Looks. Looks are one of the best things about Luminar Flex. Install them right from the plugin or extension and transform your images into works of art in minutes. You can check out Looks in the Looks browser, and you can download even more Looks packs from the Luminar Marketplace.

  • Install custom workspaces. Now you can use your own workspaces in the plugin or extension. Simply go to File > Show Workspaces Folder… and add your custom workspaces to this folder. Make Luminar Flex even more comfortable.

  • Performance updates. We love our users and try to fulfill their requests in the best way possible. We’re working to improve the performance of Luminar Flex with every update. Enjoy the best version of Luminar Flex ever