Working On The Backend Of Photography

My blog posts and social media activity have been light recently. And there's reason for that. I've been working on the backend of my photography. I have been spending quality time with Lightroom, getting to know it's workings and how it differs from Aperture. I've migrated a handful of my Aperture projects. I've only imported a handful of newly shot photos into Lightroom. It's slow going.

Getting a Lightroom-based workflow sorted has been more challenging than I thought. I am still wrestling with how I want to balance the divide between Folders and Collections. I have a couple of approaches I can take and am oscillating between them. As I type this, I realize I'm probably over thinking it.

In retrospect, over the month of April my entire workflow has been an upheaval. Beyond switching my asset manager to Lightroom, I've switched camera systems. The remainder of the Sony gear I'd been waiting on arrived last Friday. Now comes the month or two of getting familiar and intimate with the A7R. I'm sad to say I haven't shot nearly as much as I'd like to these past weeks.

I will change that for the month of May. I have to. I'm mapping out a big trip. It's going to come up faster than I think. And I want to be shooting comfortably with the Sony by then. So... this post is me giving myself a kick in the pants. Get out there, Scott. Start shooting.

Lastly.... I've started work on a new product. Something I haven't done before. Something I think will help many of you make extraordinary images. I'm excited about it, but it's still a little early to share details. I need to lay more groundwork, get some momentum behind it, then I drop more hints. Stay tuned.

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