Your ON1 Plus Guest Coach For March 2017

You may have seen or heard this... I'll be joining the ON1 Plus Community as a guest coach in March 2017.  Last November when I was in Oregon, I sat down with Hudson Henry and we talked about community, how it's grown in the last year and some of the challenges and critiques we'll do together. Man, I'm really looking forward to connecting with you.

In March, I'll be talking all about photographing water (shocking, I know). I live near the ocean, so there'll be coastal stuff for sure. But, water is everywhere! Waterfalls, streams, fountains, reflecting pools. All of these subjects and more fall into the "water" category. And you don't need a ton of gear to get great water photos. But I'm getting ahead of myself... more to come in March.

Helping you reach the next level in your photography is what ON1 Plus is all about. So, if you're already part of the ON1 Plus program, sharpen your pencils now and get those questions ready. If you follow my In The Field and In Post videos on YouTube, you know that I love questions.

And if you're not part of ON1 Plus, think about joining. I'm a landscape guy, and that's what I'll bring to the Plus community. You might be interested in other genres of photography. There are many other guest coaches throughout the year to talk about different topics.