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Lightroom Learning Center

Lightroom Learning Center

In mid-2015 I migrated my photo library from Aperture to Lightroom. I've really warmed up to Lightroom. It's a very capable asset manager and the Develop module shines for post processing. If you're considering a move from Aperture to Lightroom, grab my free Aperture to Lightroom migration guide.

I've assembled this page as an index to my Lightroom tips and tricks. Find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Get the most out of Lightroom.

This is a living page, so check back often for new tips. And if you have a question about Lightroom, send me a question through my contact page.

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Lightroom Techniques, Tips & Tricks

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Most links below jump to one of my YouTube videos, right to the spot in the video where I demonstrate the tip. Your time is valuable, I don't want to waste it.

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Date Added Module Technique/Panel Description
2016-10-27 Develop Split Tone Choose Split Tone Colors Without Bouncing Between Highlights & Shadows
2016-10-20 Develop Spot Healing Removing A Distracting Object
2016-08-18 Develop Basic Basic Processing for a Hazy Photo
2016-06-19 Develop Graduated Filter Rotating the Graduated Filter With Precision
2016-06-18 Develop Split Toning Split Toning to Warm Highlights
2016-04-07 Develop Graduated Filter Warming With a Graduated Filter
2016-03-31 Develop Crop Using the Angle Tool
2016-03-25 Develop Tone Curve Creating a Twilight Look
2016-03-17 Develop Crop Crop for a Stronger Composition
2016-03-14 Library Plug-Ins Adding An External Editor to the Photo > Edit In Menu
2016-02-07 Develop Plug-Ins Sending Multiple Photos as Layers to a Single ON1 Document
2016-02-07 Develop Adjusting Multiple Photos Quickly Adjust Similar Photos with the Previous Button
2016-01-28 Develop Basic Setting Black Point, White Point, Highlights & Shadows
2016-01-15 Develop Detail Sharpening In Lightroom (exclusive content, sign up for access)
2016-01-13 Map Geotagging Geotag Photos With A GPX Track Log
2015-12-03 Develop Spot Removal Visualize Dust Spots
2015-11-30 Develop Basic Darken Shadows In Silhouette Photos
2015-11-19 Develop Basic Contrast & Clarity in Black & White Mode
2015-11-12 Develop Adjustment Brush Dodging & Burning
2015-10-15 Develop Basic White Balance Eyedropper
2015-10-08 Develop Crop Crop Overlay Modes
2015-11-04 Develop Graduated Filter Accentuate a Subject with the Graduated Filter