Plotagraph Learning Center


Plotagraph Pro is an amazing piece of software that brings your still images to life. You don't need video. You don't need long time lapse sequences of photos to stitch together. All you need is a single image. The Plotagraph software make it very easy to create eye-catching, dynamic content.

I'm having a ton of fun with Plotagraph Pro. I turning my favorite still photos into dynamic, lively art. Once you are familiar with the tools, you'll have an amazing transformation of your still images in just a few minutes. I'm really not exaggerating. My typical Plotagraph takes about 5 minutes to create. Even my most complex ones take less than 20 minutes.

And I want to help you get started. On this page is a series of FREE Plotagraph tutorials to get you moving quickly.


1. What Is Plotagraph?

Plotagraph Pro is software that makes a living, breathing, scene from a single still image. It's simpler to do than a cinemagraph, and a lot of fun, too. In this short introduction video, I brief you Plotagraph and share how I'm using it as part of my photography. 

2. Tool Overview

Let me give you the guided tour of the tools in Plotagraph Pro! In this video, I run down the tools used to create an engaging and eye-catching looping motion video.

3. Beginner Workflow

It's time to put Plotagraph Pro to work! In this video, I create a basic animation using the masking tools and a few animation points. Then, I show you how to export your project in a MP4 and animated GIF formats.


In this video, I show you how different speeds of motion can be used for more natural looking animations and highlight a few features of the UI that speed up workflow. Also, I show how to add a watermark - all in the Plotagraph Pro software.

5. ADVANCED Workflow I

In this video, I introduce you to stabilization points and how to use them to fine tune your Plotagraph Pro animations. I also show you a not-immediately-obvious way to use them with the mesh for smoother looking results. Oh... and we'll add text!

7. Export

In this video, I show you the custom export panel and talk about the different options to use when sharing to Facebook and Instagram. Also, I show you how to directly share your work to Facebook from Plotagraph Social.

6. ADVANCED Workflow II

Once you have the basics, the rest is the devil in the details. In this video, I share advice on fine tuning your animations in Plotagraph Pro to help you achieve your vision.