In The Field: Tips Of The Week

In The Field: Tips Of The Week


Stay inspired and creative all year long with these 52 shooting tips for landscape photographers.

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In The Field: Tips Of The Week is a collection of my favorite tips, tricks and advice for photographing landscapes. Every week I share a new In The Field video on this site and on my YouTube channel. 

I've culled the best tips from the last two years of the show for this book. It's not just a compilation. I've added new thoughts and perspectives on each tip (I'm always growing as a photographer, too!). Each tip is accompanied by a photo that exemplifies a technique or is inspired by the tip.

Treat yourself to some inspiration and get out In The Field.

Book specs:

  • PDF format (vertical)
  • 57 pages
  • Published on November 24th, 2016

Note: The book is ~46MB and make take a while to download.