Making The Shot: Joshua Tree National Park

Making The Shot: Joshua Tree National Park


From vision to reality. A comprehensive guide to conceiving and creating a landscape photo.

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A great landscape photo is the sum of many parts. Vision, planning, execution, post processing. Each plays their role in creating a compelling landscape photo. Making The Shot videos take you through the entire photographic process. I share with you my entire process from envisioning a photo, planning the shoot and sorting out logistics, on location thoughts about composition and camera settings, and the final in-studio post processing work.

Join me on a photo trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Majestic Joshua trees, rock formations and desert landscapes are all on the menu. Your download includes:

  • Making The Shot video: An 80+ minute video detailing the entire photographic process. See how I research locations, plan the trip, and sort out the logistics. Join me on location as I work through the in-the-moment decisions about composition and camera settings. Following an after-shoot debrief and image review, the video wraps up with the  end-to-end post processing of one of the photos from the trip.
  • eBooklet: A 20 page companion eBooklet for the video. The booklet details composition thoughts and includes full step-by-step post processing notes on a selected image from the shoot.
  • Practice images: Follow along with the post processing steps yourself.
  • Bonus video: A short video about focus stacking.  

Note: This product is a digital download only, it is not available in DVD format. This download is ~285MB and may take a while to download.