Mastering Light And Shadow In ON1 Photo

Mastering Light And Shadow In ON1 Photo


100% applicable for Photo RAW 2019!

Shape & control light and shadow in your photos like never before. This course is the most comprehensive guide to light & shadow for ON1 Photo. 26 video lessons. Over 5 hours of training. Bonus eBooks included.

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26 video lessons

5+ hours of training

2 Bonus eBooks


Your Light and Shadow course is the most informative and easy to understand course that i have ever taken.
— David
This course is truly excellent. I have been using multiple generations of ON1 tools and never apprecaited their power.
— Steve

In Mastering Light & Shadow In ON1 Photo, I teach you everything you need to know to control and shape light & shadow in ON1 Photo. All of the video lessons are done 100% in ON1 Photo RAW. I spent the better part of a year putting this course together. I wanted to do it right! It is the most comprehensive training course to shape light and shadow for ON1 Photo ever put together.

Brilliant Course!!!
— Maurice

Mastering Light & Shadow In ON1 Photo is presented in four parts: concepts, tools, technique, and start-to-finish examples. Each video lesson builds upon the last one to reinforce key concepts. Here are just a few of the topics I cover in the more than 5 hours of video instruction:

  • The reasons we shape light and shadow

  • Interpreting the histogram and how ON1's sliders affect the histogram

  • The differences between the various contrast controls, including Dynamic Contrast & the Tone Enhancer

  • How to use blending modes, options, and luminosity masks to target specific tonal regions in your photos

  • How the zone system fits in with ON1 Photo's tools

  • Masking with Effects and Local Adjustments

  • Finely controlled dodging & burning

  • And much, much more

The start-to-finish processing videos illustrate how the concepts, tools, and techniques are used together to transform your photos into rich, visual stories. Practice images are included so you can follow along.

The tools and techniques described using Photo RAW 2017 are 100% applicable to Photo RAW 2018. The course also has a special section explaining the new features of Photo RAW 2018 related to crafting light & shadow. Photo RAW 2018 gives us more control over our photos than ever before!


Video Lessons

1. Introduction (3:56)
2. Shaping Your Photo (7:03)
3. The Histogram (10:50)
4. The Zone System (4:10)
5. Blending Modes & Options (3:58)
6. Masking (2:53)
7. Luminosity Masks (4:26)

8. Gradients, Brushes & Masks (27:15)
9. Blending Options (10:32)
10. Curves (7:53)

11. Interpret & Envision (7:49)
12. Contrast Controls (12:00)
13. Dodging & Burning (17:15)
14. Luminosity Mask Recipes (17:29)

Start-To-Finish Examples
15. Kushimoto, Japan (29:24)
16. Julian, California (19:58)
17. Panther Creek, Washington (29:12)
18. Course Summary (1:07)

Bonus Videos
19. Masking Keyboard Shortcuts (3:25)
20. Visualizing Tonal Regions (3:41)
21. Bonus - Il Duomo (40:45)

Photo RAW 2018 Update
22. What's New In Photo RAW 2018 (6:13)
23. Chisel & Blur Mask Tools (8:07)
24. Mask Density & Feather Sliders (8:10)
25. Supercharged Luminosity Masks (12:19)
26. Example: Windansea, California (23:19)

Course Contents

  • 26 video lessons (MP4): Over 5 hours of training. Videos are available in 720p and 1080p resolution.

  • Practice images (JPG): Follow along with the start-to-finish videos and try out each processing step on your own.

  • Post Processing eBook (PDF): A 40-page book detailing all of the start-to-finish processing steps.

  • Course Reference Guide (PDF): A 14-page guide with all the key concepts and techniques in the course. Great for quick reference.

  • Installation Guide: Full instructions on how to download and unpack the course

If you are interested in learning how to get the most out of your images using On1, this course is excellent!
— Jim
This course is great. It is giving me added depth to my abilities.
— Claudine
Really amazing course! Fulfilled my expectations.
— Marc
I loved your course, especially the 10 zones and how to target each of them.
— Ger

Watch The FREE Sample Chapters

I am so confident you will find this course a must have for your ON1 Photo training library, I have made 3 of the 26 video lessons free to watch. 

Formats: Video lessons are MP4; eBooks are PDF; Practice images are JPG

Note: The video lessons are several gigabytes in size and can be a challenge for some internet connections. You will download them separately from the ebooks and practice images. The Installation Guide guide included in your purchase has complete instructions on how to get the video files.