Migrating From Aperture To Lightroom

Migrating From Aperture To Lightroom


In this free set of "field notes" I share with you the steps I've taken to migrate my Aperture library to Lightroom.  All I ask is you subscribe to my mailing list.

Last updated: 01-May-2015

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As a power user of Aperture, I've opted to migrate my photos manually. What began as a set of notes for myself turned more and more into a full blown document – so why not share it!

If Adobe's migration tools work for you, use them. They didn't satisfy all of my needs, or required significant post-migration cleanup, hence my decision for a do-it-yourself approach.

A manual migration from Aperture is a daunting process and not for everyone. About 60% of the text deals with preparing your Aperture library for export.  If you are considering a manual migration from Aperture, please grab my guide and read through it. The bundle includes:

  • 60 page PDF outlining planning, preparation, Aperture export and Lightroom import steps
  • 3 AppleScripts to assist with the migration
  • AppleScript installation guide

Note: All content is this bundle is provided as-is. The steps and scripts described work for me. I accept no responsibility for misuse or damage to your photos or library.

Take Control Of Your Lightroom Catalog

Once you have migrated to Lightroom, keep your catalog in order. Check out my course on Lightroom Asset Management.