Removing Distractions From Your Photos

Removing Distractions From Your Photos

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Scott shares his strategies and techniques for removing distracting elements from a photo in this in-depth video training course. 

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In this in-depth video training course, Scott shows you how to remove distracting elements from your photos. He explains the tools available for removing distractions, and furthermore the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Scott then goes a step further. In 4 start-to-finish case studies, he shows his techniques in action. Learn through real world examples how retouching, cloning and content aware fill tools complement each other. After viewing this course, you will be able to remove virtually any distraction from your photos in a clean, natural looking way. 


  • 11 instructional videos
  • 78+ minutes of instruction
  • Videos are in the MP4 format
  • Course examples are in ON1 Layers and Lightroom. The techniques described in the course apply to any software package with modern retouching and cloning tools, such as Photoshop and Aperture.
  • This product is a digital download only, it is not available in DVD format.
  • Download is 268.9MB

Course Outline

  • 01 Introduction (03:59)
  • 02 Tool Overview (03:40)
  • 03 Retouch Brush (08:25)
  • 04 Cloning (10:11)
  • 05 Content Aware Fill (07:39)
  • 06 Putting It All Together (02:19)
  • 07 Case Study - Santa Cruz (07:33)
  • 08 Case Study - Venice Door (04:36)
  • 09 Case Study - Florence Bicycle (09:40)
  • 10 Case Study - Abandoned Jacumba (18:17)
  • 11 Wrap Up… And A Bonus Tip! (02:13)