Take 5: ON1 Photo - Coastlines Edition

Take 5: ON1 Photo - Coastlines Edition


In this well illustrated guide, Scott walks through the post processing of 5 seascape photos using ON1 Photo.

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ON1 Photo is a feature-rich RAW photo editor that has all the tools you need to make great photos. The tools and techniques used in this book are great for coastal photos (of course!) and other genres of photography, too!

  • Do you need to fix color casts?
  • Are you interested in using and fine tuning luminosity masks?
  • Do you want to get creative with color and contrast?
  • Are you a photographer that crafts a look for a photo from the ground up?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, this is the book for you. Take 5: ON1 Photo - Coastlines Edition is both a “how-to” guide and a “why-to” guide. I begin each post-processing tutorial with an image assessment. As processing moves forward, the vision and reasoning behind each step are explained. This book will help you get the most out of your imagery with ON1 Photo.

Included with your download are practice images. Follow along with the steps in the book to practice your ON1 Photo skills.

Book specs:

  • PDF format (vertical)
  • 64 pages
  • 5 practice images (JPG)
  • Published December 29th, 2017

Note: The book is ~105MB and may take a while to download.

Go Further With ON1 Photo

Visit my ON1 Learning Center for free video tutorials. Learn more about the tools and techniques ON1 Photo offers.

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