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Challenges Photographing Thor's Well

Photographing Thor's Well on the rocky shores of Cape Perpetua poses challenges. It's a balancing act of composing a strong scene, watching the tides and staying safe!

Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is a technique that's part camera work and part processing work that delivers extreme depth of field. With a little forethought in the field and a tool like Photoshop, focus stacking is simple to do. I find it's a lot easier than messing with hyperfocal distance calculations.

How do I cull photos from a shoot?

In this video, I cull a recent shoot and talk about why I decide to keep some photos and drop others. Since moving to Lightroom, I use ON1 Browse at the front end of my workflow. Browse is fast and lets me quickly view images and do an initial cull before importing to Lightroom.

Long Exposure Calculation

When you're shooting a long exposure in low light, how long do you keep the shutter open? Watch this video for an ISO trick I use to quickly calculate my long exposure time. If you can multiply by 2, you can do this.

Scott's After-Shoot Ritual

Photos have the most risk of getting lost in the time between your photo shoot and getting them backed up on your computer. Here's a little after-shoot "ritual" I follow to make sure I have multiple copies of my images as soon as possible after a shoot.

Sharpening In Lightroom

I like to do my sharpening in Lightroom at the end of my workflow. I do sharpening in Lightroom over other tools because of the controls the Detail panel offers, especially the Masking slider.



Note: Some downloads take you through my storefront checkout process. You don't need to provide any payment information. Heck - you don't even need to provide a real shipping address! :-) Just be sure to use a valid email address so the download links reach you.


PNW Extras Presets For ON1 Photo RAW

I had a few extra presets left over when I created the Pacific Northwest Presets pack. They shouldn't go to waste! Note these presets are for ON1 Photo RAW only and are not compatible with prior versions of ON1 software.

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Seascape Presets for ON1 Effects

Jumpstart your stylization with these 12 original presets for ON1 Effects. I designed these processing seascape photos, yet I think you'll find them useful for many genres of photography.

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Free Textures!

I like to use textures on many of my photos. They are great ways to add visual interest to empty areas of a photo or to give an image a weathered, vintage look. Download your Insider Texture pack right now.

The package includes JPG files, an ONPreset for ON1 users, and an installation guide.


Lightroom Print Template: Copyright Contact Sheet

When I register photos with the US Copyright office, I submit a contact sheet that has large thumbnails and clearly identifies each photo by filename and basic exposure information. To install the template:

  1. Download the Scott-Davenport-Copyright-Contact-Sheet template

  2. Jump to Lightroom's Print module

  3. Right click on User Templates in the left panel and choose Import.

  4. Navigate to the template you downloaded and you're all set!

Note: A quirk I've noticed with Lightroom is longer filenames don't always display correctly when the template is first selected. In the Page panel on the right side, choose another option in the Photo Info pulldown, then go back to my Filename.Ext + Exposure preset and filenames appear correctly. 

Scott's Lightroom Keywords

A snapshot of my Lightroom keywords, yours for the taking. Whether you are seeding a new Lightroom catalog or augmenting your current list, draw inspiration from my list. This list is ready to be imported into Lightroom via Metadata > Import Keywords (be sure to back up your own list first!!). You can also view the keyword list in any text editor.