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The Gear Box

I get asked often what gear I use for my photography. Over the years, the "gear box" has grown. It does get thinned out from time to time. I use every item on this page for my photography. Some are critical pieces of field equipment that go with me on every shoot. Others I use in the studio to edit my photos, make prints, or create my products. And there are a few specialty items, the kind of gear that isn't used as often, yet is the perfect tool when the job calls for it. Everything on this page has a place in my photography.

You can support my work by using the links on this page. Many product graphics link to Amazon listings. Use the links on this page and get yourself something great. It doesn't cost you anything extra. It does add a few pennies to the coffers and keep my mug of caffeine filled.

Curious about camera gear or equipment you've seen me use in my videos but isn't listed here? Ask me!



CameraS & LEnses

I converted to Sony cameras around 2015 or so. I am incredibly happy with the photos these cameras help me capture. I've also grown very accustomed to mirrorless features like live histograms and zebra stripes.



The A7RII is my go-to camera now. I bought a pair of them I like it so much. It is the greatest hits of cameras. I chose to stick with the A7RII instead of the III for a few reasons.

Sony A7R Full Frame Camera

My first Sony camera. It still goes with me in the field. I have since converted this body to infrared. It's been fun learning a whole new arena of photography.

Sony A6000 Crop Sensor Camera

The A6000 is a great, lightweight camera. I often have it mounted in my Peak Design Capture Clip for easy access. It was my backup body before the A7RIIs. Now I use it for video and and time lapse work.

Sony RX0 Ultra Compact

I use the RX0 as an on-the-go video camera. I mount it in my car for behind the scenes footage for my In The Field series on YouTube It's also waterproof and shockproof - a big plus.

Sony 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS

I make a lot of photographs with this lens. As a landscape guy, the wide end of the 16-35mm gets a lot of use.

Sony 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS

A good mid-range lens and the most versatile in my bag. When I know I'll be photographing in dusty or salty conditions, this is the lens I mount up with before going into the field.

Sony 70-200mm F4 G OSS

This lens rounds out my coverage to the 200mm range, which is useful to compress wide landscapes. It also mounts on the A6000 crop sensor, giving me an equivalent reach of 300mm. Nice!

Sony 50mm F1.8

Can any camera bag be complete without a nifty fifty? This lens is inexpensive, incredibly light, and the f/1.8 is a nice treat after shooting landscapes all day at f/16.

TripodS & BallheadS


I use Really Right Stuff (RRS) tripods, ballheads and bases. RRS gear costs more, but is well worth it in my opinion. Their equipment is built to last. I easily expect 10 years out of my current tripod and ballhead, maybe more.


TVC-34L Tripod

RRS tripods are built to last. The twist locks are smooth, the legs are sturdy, and for its size the 34L is light. This is my go-to set of legs paired with the BH-55 ballhead. Read my RSS review for more details.

TA-3 Leveling Base

I added a leveling base to my TVC-34L as my interest in panoramic photography grew. Setting up for panos is so much easier with the leveling base. Watch this video for my explanation of leveling bases.

Platypod Max

I use Platypods on scouting trips and for capturing additional video angles from field shoots. Watch how I am using Platypods in my photography for more ideas.

TVC-24 Mk2 Tripod

I added a smaller, lighter RRS tripod to my kit for two reasons - video and travel. A second, sturdy tripod is important for my video work and I like the smaller footprint for traveling. I pair this tripod with the BH-40 ballhead.

Camera Body L-Plate

I always opt for the L-plate set so I can easily mount my camera in either landscape or portrait mode. The etchings on the RRS L-plates align with the RRS ballheads. It takes the guesswork out of balance and and alignment for panoramas or panning shots.

Platypod Ultra

The slim footprint of the Platypod Ultra is amazing. I use this with my A6000 or RX0 to capture behind the scenes video. See other ways I am using Platypods in my photography. I also recommend picking up the accessory kit.

BH-55 Ballhead

I'm glad I have a hefty ballhead. Even after moving to mirrorless, good glass is still heavy. The level release really locks my camera in place. Read my RRS Review for more details.

Tripod Spikes

Tripod spikes are great for the beach or muddy terrain. I use a set made by Finex with my RRS tripod. The Finex brand is sometimes harder to find. When shopping, just be sure the thread diameter of the spikes match your tripod.

BH-40 Ballhead

I use this ballhead with my smaller RRS TVC-24 tripod. I opted for a panning head for clean video sweeps of a scene and for panoramic photos.

MeFOTO Air Tripods

I use the Road Trip Air for to capture B-roll in the field. I also have a Backpacker Air for studio work. Compact and lightweight, great for known, stable shooting conditions. Read my MeFOTO tripod review for more info.

Filter Systems


I use the Formatt-Hitech brand filters. I continue to be very happy with the quality and durability of their filters, rings and holders. I selected to use 100x100mm filters to help future-proof myself if I buy a wider diameter lens in the future.


Firecrest 4-stop ND

This is my go-to filter in the field. Cutting 4 stops of light usually gets me that silky look on the water I'm looking for.

Firecrest 6-stop ND

When 4-stops isn't enough, I have the 6 stop at the ready. It's also very useful when the best light is just after sunrise or just before sunset, when I need to cut more light.

Firecrest 10-stop ND

For extra-long exposures, I keep an 10-stop ND filter in my bag. I use it to smooth out the ocean or to make people magically disappear in busy areas.

Firecrest 105mm Circular Polarizer

No landscape kit would be complete without a circular polarizer. I use my polarizer to manage relfections in a scene. It also acts as a light ND filter (1 stop or so).

100mm Filter Holder

I keep two filter holders in my bag. One has my polarizer permanently mounted, with an open slot for an additional ND filter. The other I have setup with two slots for ND filters. I could have three slots, but never found the need to stack up that many filters!

Adapter Ring for 100mm Holder

Adapter rings come in a variety of diameters to match your lenses (ex: 67mm, 72mm, 77mm). I have a ring for each of my lenses. The filter holder mounts to the ring.

105mm Polarizer Ring

This ring mounts on the filter holder and the polarizer screws into the ring.

Camera & Accessory Bags

Mindshift Rotation 180 34L

I love this pack! I keep two cameras in the rotation pack for ready access. I'm often photographing knee deep in water and can't put a bag down on the ground. My bag happens to be charcoal colored, though. :-)

Mindshift Filter Hive

This filter holder has enough space for my ND filters, polarizers and mounting brackets (I don't use the circular filter storage slots). I drape it around my tripod for quick and easy access in the field.

Think Tank Urban Approach 15

A great day pack and also my go-to bag for air travel. It's compact and fits in any overhead compartment and under the seat. I never worry about checking gear with this bag.

FIEld Accessories

Lens Coat Hoodie

I don't fiddle with lens caps anymore. Each of my lenses has a Lens Coat hoodie. The lens is protected while it's in my bag or idle on my tripod. These elastic hoodies also let me keep my filter adapter rings on my lenses, too. They come in a variety of sizes and colors (the medium size fits my lenses).

Rode Lav Mic

My audio quality improved leaps and bounds once I started using a lavalier mic. I've tried a few mics and like the Rode brand the best. Be sure to also get the TRRS to TRS adapter to use the mic with recording devices other than a phone.

Lume Cubes

I use Lume Cubes in lieu of flashlights. They are smaller, rechargeable, and controlable from my smart phone (bluetooth version of the cube). Did I mention... they are waterproof and shockproof, too!

Zoom H1 Audio Recorder

Maybe a little old school, but when I need long form audio, the Zoom H1 gets the job done.

Compute & Storage

Apple iMac 27" 5K

The iMac is where most of my photo editing and all of my video editing happens. When I buy a new system, I max out memory and process speeds. I try to get 3-4 years out of a system.

Apple MacBook Pro 13"

The MacBook is my editing platform when I'm away from the studio. I opted for the smaller 13" model because it fits more comfortablly in my Mindshift bags.

G-Tech G-RAID Studio Thunderbolt Drives

I use a pair of G-Tech Studio Thunderbolt drives, a master and backup, for all my photos and videos. Mine are currently at a capacity of 8TB each. Read my post on my backup strategy for more details.

Seagate 8TB USB 3.0 External Drive

I cycle a pair of 8TB drives as a third copy of my photos & videos and for offsite storage. I don't need the Thunderbolt speeds for archival copies of my work.

More Coming Soon...