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All Of Luminar.
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Learn Luminar

2nd Edition, Revised for Luminar Flex!

Luminar Essentials covers every feature, every option, and every filter in Lumina. Everything you need to know about Luminar is all in one place. This is the book to have to get the most out of Luminar.

  • Managing photos with catalogs and albums? Check.

  • Quick edits with Luminar Looks and the AI-powered filters? Yup.

  • Hand crafted photo editing using Luminar’s 50+ filters? Definitely.

  • What about photo retouching? You bet.

  • Advanced editing techniques like masking and layered workflow? Absolutely.

  • How about round-trips with Luminar Flex? Oh yeah.

Luminar Essentials has it all. Every nook of Luminar is explored in this 250+ page ebook.

In each chapter you’ll explore and learn key features of Luminar. Chapter exercises are included to help reinforce the main ideas. Practice images are also included so you can follow along, step by step, with the exercises.


Take Control Of Your Luminar Library


Get Organized, Stay Organized

Luminar Essentials explains how Luminar with Libraries work.

Keep all of your photos organized and easy to find. Learn how to use catalogs, manage folders, and create albums to bring order to your library of images.

Add another dimension of organization with ratings, color labels, and favorites. Then tap into Luminar’s filters to show just the photos you want to work with.

Make Masterful Edits

one-click Luminar Looks. hand-crafted signature styles.


Rapid AI-Powered Edits Or
Hand-Crafted Styles

Some photos call for rapid editing. Others demand extra attention and care.

Whether you want fast edits lever Luminar’s Looks and AI-powered filters, or you want to hand-craft your signature style, Luminar Essentials has everything you need.

All of the sliders and options in Luminar’s 50+ filters are explained.

Unlock The Full power Of Luminar

 This photo is provided as part of a premium photography training product sold by Scott Davenport Photography, LLC. It is intended solely for educational purposes by customers of the product. It may not be shared or re-shared in any form with any third party.

Luminar Essentials digs deep into Luminar. Streamline your editing experience and learn advanced techniques that will help you realize your photographic vision.


Masking Tools

Learn how Luminar’s filter and layer masks allow you to shape and style a filter to affect specific elements in a photo.


Custom Workspaces

Learn how customized workspaces streamline your editing workflow. Spend less time finding filters and more time crafting your look.


Layered Workflows

Learn how to create exposure blends and photo composites in Luminar using its layered workflow.



Even if you only read this book to take the suggestions for digital asset management, it would be worth the investment. If you are considering the Luminar product, this book will give you enough of a flavor you can make your choices after reading through the book. Well worth the purchase price.


Scott’s book is very well written, easy to follow and packed with visuals. It shows me not only what to do, but why I should do it. I really appreciate both the tips and the exercises along the way. Exactly how I like to learn.



Luminar Essentials is a model for clear, precise instruction, and a most attractive format, lavishly illustrated. Scott has, at phenomenal speed, issued a 2nd Edition to cover the very recent release by Skylum of the marvellous plug-in version of the program, Luminar Flex.



Scott’s approach to his tutorials is to provide insight into the design and intent of the program features. Although I am a seasoned user of the LR and ON1 programs, I recently added Luminar to my editing tool kit. Scott’s “Luminar Essentials” helped me gain a solid overview of the program and is now serving as an excellent reference.


Luminar Essentials is outstanding. Thank you so much for getting out the 2nd edition so fast. I am a devoted Luminar Flex user. It is clear, logical and thorough. I really appreciate your personal references. Luminar 3 and Luminar Flex users owe it to themselves to get the book and read and study it.


Grand Central Station

And Much, Much More

Luminar Essentials covers all of the above and more. Every aspect of Luminar is explored. The ebook also has 12 hands-on exercises with practice images. You’ll do everything from creating a catalog and organizing photos, to basic editing and advanced masking & layered workflows.

By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to get the looks you want from Luminar.