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A great landscape photo is the culmination of a whole host of things. From planning to composition to camera work to post processing, each plays their role in creating a compelling photograph. I design my workshops to give you hands on experience through the entire process.

This is your workshop and you are my priority. I purposely keep the groups small so you get plenty of one-on-one time with me, both in the field and in the classroom. When we arrive at each beautiful location, I will be right beside you helping you make the most of what is available. Sure, I'll have my camera (of course!) but I won't dash off in search of my own shots.

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Scott is without question the best instructor/tour leader I have ever had! And believe me, I have had quite a few. Besides being an all-around great guy, he is very knowledgeable about all aspects of photography and fully giving of his time. Instead of being off doing his own thing, he is there for us and spends whatever time is required with each photographer asking if any help is needed or if there are any questions. In the classroom, he has a very relaxed and clear style that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend his workshops for all levels of photographers.

- Marty, California

I've done quite a few workshops over the years, and Scott ranks among the top. He has an easy-going way about him, and translates to incredible attention and focus on students. I've never seen an instructor hustle between students - checking in constantly (even if they are spread out over a large area). What I really appreciated was he never said "this is the picture." It was "There are a lot of options here, and I’ll help you decide what you want to take — not what I think you should take." 

It was also refreshing to see some tools outside of Lightroom and Photoshop, Scott's direct honesty in what he uses, and what he doesn't, and no pressure to pick a particular style. I'll definitely be working with him again.

- Bryan, California

I enjoy shooting at sunrise and sunset, and appreciate that you were well prepared with tide and weather info and got us to some interesting San Diego coastal locations. I shot some great wave crashes and slow exposure water runs. Fog and clouds didn't always accommodate, but there were alternative shots available to maintain interest. Your grasp of Lightroom and ON1 software was greatly appreciated during the processing sessions.

- Roger, Georgia

This was a terrific experience.  Scott showed us places to photograph I never would have gone on my own and gave us specific advice on how to improve both our approach to taking pictures and the pictures themselves.

He was very hand-on with each student, and gave patient advice to each student in the field.  I was delighted with the images I captured, and in fact one was selected to be shown at the 2016 Del Mar Fair.

- Bob, California

Thank you for an awesome workshop! I was a little intimidated being the only beginner photographer, but ended up having a great experience and learning so much from you. Thank you for patiently answering all of my questions, walking me step-by-step through your post-processing routine, providing constructive criticism on my photos, and putting me in the best position possible to get good photographs at each location.

I feel much better prepared to be able to get 'that shot' when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you again for a great weekend and I hope to join you for another workshop in the future!

- Polly, Georgia

Scott’s San Diego workshop was a blast! We got out to a variety of different coastal locations that Scott knew intimately for five separate shoots. He advised the best times, locations at each shoot site, suggestions for composition, etc. to get the most out of each shoot.

The group was small so everyone could get a lot of individual attention. Experience level of participants varied, but everyone was able to take something new away from the experience.

I never felt rushed and was glad to be in the company of other photographers who share a passion for this hobby. Workshop time was useful as well, with plenty of illustrated instruction on how to best use common post-processing software. Highly recommended!

- David, California

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop. It was a lot of fun and also educational. You really know the great places to shoot around San Diego. I also enjoyed meeting the other participants.

I would encourage anyone who wants some great shots of the San Diego area to sign up for one of your workshops.

- Milt, Arkansas

I very much enjoyed your outstanding workshop.  It was a fantastic experience with tons of fun!

You present an informative and well thought-out game plan for your workshops.  Demonstrated how knowledgeable you are of your photography and post processing skills, along with an enthusiastic willingness to assist you students.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’m thrilled with the knowledge I learned in composition and new ways to post-process my photos.

I highly recommend your workshops and hope to participate in another one someday. 

-Carol, California

I enjoyed my time on this workshop.  Scott was available when I needed him, but he gave me room to run around.  I mostly enjoyed the one on one time between the photo shoots and class time.  This really gave me the time to pick his brain and get some inside info on how to process some of the pics that I took during the workshop.

I plan on taking another workshop and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take some great photos of San Diego.  I told him that had instructions from my wife to come back with a pic that we could print and showcase in our bedroom and I succeeded.  I get to go on more workshops!

- Luis, Texas

It was such a pleasure to attend this past weekend’s workshop. Starting from your introduction, list of topics, gear suggestions, choosing the best available site for shooting locations according to the weather conditions of the day all the way to employing the approach of what makes a good landscape photo, it was definitely a fantastic experience! 

Your knowledge, enthusiasm and personable attitude were often present during the training.  I attended the workshop with a basic knowledge of landscape photography and you showed me many techniques how to use my camera effectively that will help me take great landscapes.

- Ephraim, California

I so much enjoyed your workshop and would recommend it to new and experienced photographers. I have been serious about photography since the early 60’s and you gave me some ideas about how to be more creative that put me on another level.

- Steve, California

I recently attended Scott's San Diego Coastlines workshop. It was a well balance weekend with an equal dose of post processing learning coupled with twice daily shooting opportunities. Scott has a keen eye for landscape work both as a photographer and as a post processing teacher. I learned a lot about the ON1 system which was one of my goals for the workshop. We captured some great images even though the weather was far from cooperative. Scott certainly knows the local area and always put us in the right place to 'get the shot'.

- Cliff, Ohio

Got to go to the photography workshop last weekend that Scott Davenport put on. Wow it was great.  My goal was to take one photo that I could print for a wall photo, Scott helped me get eight or ten to hang. The help with Lightroom was an added plus. Now to practice some of the post processing tricks Scott showed us.

- Paul, California

Scenes From Past Workshops

All of these photos were taken during workshops led by Scott. No bait. No switch.