I predominantly use Really Right Stuff (RRS) tripods, ballheads and bases. RRS gear costs more, but is well worth it in my opinion. Their equipment is built to last. I easily expect 10 years out of my current tripods and ballheads, maybe more.

Really Right Stuff TVC-34L ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff TVC-34L (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff TVC-34L

RRS tripods are built to last. The twist locks are smooth, the legs are sturdy, and for its size the 34L is light. This is my go-to set of legs paired with the BH-55 ballhead. Read my RSS review for more details.

Really Right Stuff BH-55 ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff BH-55 (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff BH-55

I'm glad I have a hefty ballhead. Even after moving to mirrorless, good glass is still heavy. The level release really locks my camera in place.Read my RRS Review for more details.

Really Right Stuff TVC-24Mk2 ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff TVC-24Mk2 (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff TVC-24 MK2

I added a smaller, lighter RRS tripod to my kit for two reasons - video and travel. A second, sturdy tripod is important for my video work and I like the smaller footprint for traveling. I pair this tripod with the BH-40 ballhead.

Really Right Stuff BH-40 ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff BH-40 (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff BH-40

I use this ballhead with my smaller RRS TVC-24 tripod. I opted for a panning head for clean video sweeps of a scene and for panoramic photos.

Tripod Spikes ( Amazon )

Tripod Spikes (Amazon)

Tripod Spikes

Tripod spikes are great for the beach or muddy terrain. I use a set that has screw-on rubber feet, so I don’t have to remove my spikes as often. When shopping, just be sure the thread diameter of the spikes match your tripod.

Really Right Stuff TA-3 ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff TA-3 (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff TA-3 Leveling Base

I added a leveling base to my TVC-34L as my interest in panoramic photography grew. Setting up for panos is so much easier with the leveling base. Watch this video for my explanation of leveling bases.

Platypod Ultra ( Amazon )

Platypod Ultra (Amazon)

Platypod Ultra

The slim footprint of the Platypod Ultra is amazing. I use this with my A6000 or RX0 to capture behind the scenes video. See other ways I am using Platypods in my photography. I also recommend picking up the accessory kit.

Platypod Max ( Amazon )

Platypod Max (Amazon)

Platypod Max

I use Platypods on scouting trips and for capturing additional video angles from field shoots. The Max is plenty sturdy for my full frame bodies and large lenses. See how I am using Platypods in my photography for more ways to use Platypods.

MeFOTO Air Tripods ( Amazon )

MeFOTO Air Tripods (Amazon)


I have two MeFOTO Air tripods. They are compact and lightweight. My Backpacker Air is purely a studio tripod. I also have a Road Trip Air that I (occasionally) use to capture B-roll in the field. I only advise field work with MeFOTO tripods in stable, calm shooting conditions. Read my MeFOTO tripod review for more info.

Really Right Stuff L-Plate ( RRS  |  Amazon )

Really Right Stuff L-Plate (RRS | Amazon)

Really Right Stuff L-Plate

I always opt for the L-plate set so I can easily mount my camera in either landscape or portrait mode. The etchings on the RRS L-plates align with the RRS ballheads. It takes the guesswork out of balance and alignment for panoramas or panning shots.