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Luminar is a fantastic RAW photo editor that adapts to your way of thinking and post processing. AI-powered filters get you to your final photo faster. I want to help you get started. On this page is a series of FREE Luminar tutorials to get you moving quickly. All of the editing tutorials apply 100% to Luminar Flex!

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Landscape & Travel Luminar Looks

Take A Tour Of Luminar

Organize Your Photos

A major new feature of Luminar 3 is asset management. In this video, I'll show you how to organize your photos in Luminar.  I give you the tour of the Library interface, how to add photos to Luminar, and how to rate and sort your photos.

Basic Workflow

In this video, I share two basic workflows in Luminar. Luminar includes dozens of looks, or presets, that can transform your photo with a single click. I’ll also show you the Quick & Awesome workspace in the Edit module where AI powered filters get you great results fast.


Advanced Workflow

Luminar’s editing features run deep. In this video, I hand craft the look and style of a photo and take advantage of Luminar’s layering and masking tools.

Exporting Photos

Once your photo is complete, you'll want to share it with the world. In this video, I show you how to export your photo in Luminar. It is very simple to make JPGs to share on social media or with friends & family.

Save $10. Use the offer code SDP10 at checkout