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Luminar Learning Center

FREE Luminar tutorial videos. Learn how to process your photos with Macphun Luminar. Save $10 on Luminar using the offer code SDP10.

Luminar Learning Center

Luminar is a fantastic RAW photo editor that adapts to your way of thinking and post processing. What Macphun has done with the Luminar user interface is nothing short of brilliant.

  • Are you just getting started with post processing? You'll love Luminar.
  • Do you need a simple and approachable tool? You'll love Luminar.
  • Does your post processing style call for quick and simple edits? You'll love Luminar.
  • Do you like digging deep into sliders, adding layers and applying masks? You'll love Luminar.

You get the idea here, right? You'll love Luminar. I want to help you get started. On this page is a series of FREE Luminar tutorials to get you moving quickly. If you like what you see, give Luminar a try. Save $10 with the offer code SDP10 at checkout. 

And if you've got Luminar post-processing questions, ask me!

Take 5: Luminar

An all new post processing eBook. Coming in May 2017.


Watch this series of Luminar tutorials and you'll quickly be creating fantastic photos of your own.
You can also read my full review of Luminar

1. Introduction

Luminar is an adaptive RAW photo editor that is a lot of fun to use. In this introduction, I tell you what excites me about this software.

2. Tool Overview

Let me give you the guided tour of Luminar. In this video, I give you the rundown of the interface and tools available.

3. Beginner Workflow

The presets in Luminar make it incredibly easy to transform your photo with a single click. In this video, I show you how to select and apply presets to your images. I also explain how to use the retouching tools.



Presets are a great way to jumpstart your photo processing. However, there are times when you want more control. In this video, I show you how to customize the look of a Luminar preset. I also explain how to add your own filters and create your own presets, too.

5. ADVANCED Workflow I

Are you an advanced post processor? You can hand craft your image from start to finish in Luminar. In this video, I do just that by hand picking the filters I want to apply. Also, I introduce adjustment layers and masking, the ultimate in creative control. 

6. ADVANCED Workflow II

You want more control? In this video, I talk about the deeper features of Luminar. I review the masking tools and show you how to easily feather masks. Also, I explain how to add image layers and use blending modes to combine textures with your original photo. Then, I wrap up explaining how you can stack presets.

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