So, Scott... you're reviewing a product...

I use a lot of products to create my photos and videos. I use even more products and services to run my photography business. A lot of them are listed in The Gear Box. I'll sometimes post reviews about products I use to create my imagery, or products I've tried out.

I don't write reviews for hire. I never accept payment to write a review. If I like a product and use it, I tell you about it. If I see value in a product, I'll share my thoughts. I also tend to point out where the product falls short or improvements it could have to make it better. I rarely write flat-out negative reviews –  unless a product is abysmal and it's a moral imperative to prevent my fellow photographers from wasting their time with it.

Product links on the site may be affiliate links. If you buy a product through one of my affiliate links, I'll make a dollar or two. That's it. Plain and simple