How To Hide The Face Box On The Sony A6000

A few months ago I switched my webcam to my Sony A6000. I get two questions quite often. First is what camera settings am I using and second is how to get rid of the face focus box on the HDMI output. It’s time for a follow-up video. The annoying “face box” shows up when I first power on the camera. The workaround - switch the mode dial to another shooting mode, then back to a memory recall setting. The box disappears. I have the camera settings below setup as Memory Recall 1 in my camera.

For A6000 HDMI output, set the following in the “suitcase” menu:

  • HDMI Resolution: 1080p


  • HDMI Info. Display: Off

The A6000 camera settings I use:

  • Movie mode, shutter priority, 1/50 sec

  • ISO Auto

  • DRO Level 5

  • Zone focusing

  • Focus Mode: Continuous AF

  • Record Setting: 24p 24M(FX)

  • Face/Smile Detection: On

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