In The Field: Does Your ND Filter Have A Color Cast? #302

Happy 2018! In this episode, I share one of my photo resolutions for the new year - and how I broke it grabbing this footage!. Also, during a sunset shoot, I notice a distinct color cast on the in-camera preview when using my 10 stop neutral density filter. You’ll clearly see that in the video. It’s not a huge deal since I shoot RAW, although I think it’s good to be aware of any color shifts our filters may introduce.

Tell me what you want to see on a future In The Field video. I have behind the scenes footage from a few of my past outings:

A) Nachi Falls, Japan
B) Yaquina Head, Oregon
C) Kyoto, Japan

Cast your vote in the comments.

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Cast Your Vote

A - Nachi Falls

B- Yaquina Head

C- Kyoto