Luminar 4 Announced Brings AI Sky Replacement

Today, Skylum announces the upcoming release of Luminar 4, set to ship this fall. The big new feature is AI Sky Replacement. What is AI Sky Replacement? It’s a lot more than masking for sure.

Replacing a sky in a photo in and of itself is nothing new. Many of us have used masking, edge detecting brushes, layering, and luminosity masks to blend a more interesting sky into a scene. A big challenge is either selecting a sky that is true to the original tones, or to add color matching to the sky replacement process. Not easy.

So what is Luminar 4 doing? From their press release:


“AI Sky Replacement in Luminar 4 works by automatically detecting not only the sky, but also objects in a photograph’s scene. This helps make sure the photo ends up being as realistic as possible once you insert a new sky. It removes things like halos, artifacts and edges of transitions, problems that often were present in existing sky replacement techniques. With the AI Sky Replacement you will also be able to adjust the sky to fit the rest of an image — things like depth of field, tone, exposure and color — making it great for not only landscapes, but also portraits.”


Are you catching all that? Luminar 4 will not only mask in a new sky automatically, but also relight the scene and adjust depth of field, tone, and exposure. Skylum hasn’t shared interface details yet - I’m hoping there is a basic control like the other AI filters and advanced sliders for additional control over tone, color, and depth. Either way… this is pretty cool stuff!

Skylum has a Luminar 4 Early Offer, a pre-order of Luminar 4 at the lowest price: 

  • Luminar 4 + Signature Looks bundle for US$59 instead of US$138

  • Luminar 4 + Signature Looks + Luminar 3 bundle for US$99 instead of US$207

What about full pricing? No details yet. Luminar 4 is set to be released this fall. Pre-orders are now available on Pricing will be announced at a later time, and upgrade pricing will be available for current users.