Vlog: The Red River Paper Bake-Off

One of the goals of my ongoing black & white photo project is a set of prints. I have reached a point in the project where I have 6 to 10 solid images, so it was time to start the test prints. In this video, I talk about some of the various paper stocks I’ve tried, what I like best so far, and why.

I am using Red River Paper for my printing needs. I like the paper so much, I reached out to them and became an affiliate. If you are in the market for some paper, consider using one of the links above or the Red River logo at the bottom of this page. It won't cost you anything extra. And it's a simple way to show your support for my work.

The papers I talk about in this video:

  • Inkjet Photo & Fine Art Sampler; Not sure what paper you want? Try out 15+ paper stocks with a sampler kit. I opted to also add the Specialty Paper Sampler, so I could try the San Gabriel stock, too.
  • Pecos River Gloss, my favorite paper for black and white prints. Super crisp and sharp and a very clean presentation of shadow detail.
  • Red River UltraPro Gloss 2.0, a very close second to the Pecos River. UltraPro Gloss comes in a lot more sizes than Pecos River and will satisfy my niche and large print needs.
  • San Gabriel Bartya SemiGloss, a warmer stock that feels absolutely sublime in the hand. I didn't choose this paper for my project - I want a cooler look.

Special thanks to Derrick Story for letting me pick his brain about black and white printing and paper choices. Check out Derrick Story’s work over at http://thedigitalstory.com. I'm a loyal listener to his weekly podcast.

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