OS X Mavericks & Aperture

A new version of Aperture designed to take advantage of the throughput of this incredible new Mac Pro.
— Phil Schiller

While there was no new version of Aperture - or any of the pro applications - announced in Apple's event today, when talking up the Mac Pro, Phil Schiller teased at a new version of Aperture. See for yourself in the video replay of today's event (about 35min in).

The plus side ... there's development happening on Aperture. And the quote suggests significant investment. Minus side ... we have no idea what "development" constitutes. It would be a real let down if the "new version" was only under-the-hood Mavericks improvements with no user-visible feature enhancements.

And over on ApertureExpert, a hint of an Aperture 3.5 has surfaced. 3.5? That's not very exciting on the surface ... could be those under-the-hood improvements.

For now, once you've upgraded to Mavericks OS X, there are no required updates to Aperture. My cursory experiments on Mavericks with Aperture, the Nik Suite, and Perfect Photo Suite 7 have all been alright. One oddity with PPS7 ... once I closed the image, I wasn't returned to Aperture. No problems with the image or the edits, but a workflow annoyance. I have yet to seek out plug-in updates for Mavericks.

I'll still be waiting another week at least before I upgrade my studio system to Mavericks, but so far so good.


There is an Aperture 3.5 available. It's not yet shown up for me (I bought Aperture 3 before the existence of the App Store, maybe that's why I have the delay). The official release notes are here.