A Month Of Yosemite

November is Yosemite month for me. Both in the technical sense and the physical sense.

On the technical side of the house, I've begun my migration to Yosemite. Over the weekend I reinstalled my MacBook Pro with Yosemite OS X. So far, it's been stable. I'm still getting used to the change in the icons and window framing. They feel blocky compared to the last few versions of OS X. Maybe they perform better... less graphic overhead. I'll take that. 

Aperture 3.6 is behaving thus far. I took a sample library into Aperture 3.6 and it's been working fine. No surprises there. Color calibration with the Spyder 4 Pro went just fine. Perfect Photo Suite 9 is also working nicely. Macphun's Intensify Pro is behaving well.

Google Nik on the other hand is dead in the water on Yosemite. I use Nik less and less these days I never did really start using Analog Efex Pro 2, and I do little HDR work these days. Although I'd still like to have Silver Efex Pro at the ready. I expect Google will update Nik for Yosemite eventually. Now, whether Nik bothers updating for Apple Photos is a different question. Though little is known about Photos, I still expect the application has to offer the ability to launch an external application. One simple reason. Photoshop. Nuff said?

On the physical side of the house, I'll be visiting Yosemite National Park later in the month. A little father-daughter road trip. Her school offers an optional trip to visit Sacramento – the whole visit your state's capital thing. It's a cool trip. I went with my son a couple of years ago. When I asked if she wanted to go, without skipping a beat she said "I'd rather go to Yosemite." Count me in! While it won't be a photo trip, I'm sure I'll come back with a few good memories in the camera.