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Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley

Mesquite Dunes

As I write this, California is getting doused in rain. That's a good thing... the state has been in a serious drought for months. Looking out on the rain, my mind wandered to Death Valley. There's a spot on the salt flats where water is present year round. After a good rain, the flats become a shallow pool with the shimmering reflections of the surrounding mountains and sky.

A part of me wants to jump in the car and make the ~6 hour drive from San Diego in the hopes some of the water is still on the salt flats. Instead, I looked into the archives for photos I hadn't processed yet and found this one of Mesquite Dunes.

Maybe I'll make that overnight run before the year is through...

Technical Details:
- Nikon D70s w/ Nikkor 55-200mm
- f/14 @ 98mm, 1/320sec exposure
- Processed in Aperture and Perfect Photo Suite 9