Last Weekend's Photo Harvest and I Get Photobombed

An Interrupted Sunset

As I do most Sunday mornings, I walked along the beach. Or more accurately on this morning, climbed along the cliff faces of the shores in La Jolla. I did some long exposure experiments, most of which didn't turn out quite how I'd envisioned them. The photo at left isn't that bad, although I wanted more white in the water. The tide was calm. Maybe if I stop down further and drag the shutter longer. Something to try next time.

As the sun began to rise, I repositioned myself for the shot you see at the top. The sun finally began illuminating the rock face. I snapped the shot above to check exposure and compositon. And then I was photobombed.

A couple out for a morning walk worked their way down the cliffs to where I was setup. I'm in plain sight the whole way. They reach me. Without a word, or any acknowledgement of my existence, they sauntered in front of my camera, walked along the rock face, and sat down. Sunning themselves in that warm glowing area I'd been waiting for.

I get it. I don't own the cliffs. But man... could you at least ask? I needed 2 minutes and this rock would have been a brilliant orange. So it goes...