Bonus Content For My Mastering Light & Shadow Course

Really amazing course! Fulfilled my expectations.
— Marc
This [course] is truly excellent. I have been using multiple generations of On1 tools and never appreciated their power.
— Steve

It is beyond a great feeling to help my fellow photographers grow their craft and make better photos. Thanks to everyone that's picked up Mastering Light & Shadow In ON1 Photo and for all the feedback. Of course, I love the rave reviews. I also love your question. Tons of insightful questions - and that tells me you are really digging into the course and getting the most out of ON1 Photo RAW.

I loved your course, especially the 10 zones and how to target each of them.
— Ger

A question asked several times was about the photo of Il Duomo in the 'Shaping Your Photo' chapter. So... I decided to create a start-to-finish processing video for it. The processing session came in at a whopping 40+ minutes! I've added the processing video and a practice image to the course.

If you already own Mastering Light & Shadow, the bonus content is available in the same place as the course. The link is listed in the "Download & Install Guide" PDF that came with the course.

Brilliant course!!!
— Maurice

If you haven't checked out the course, I have 3 of the chapters available to watch for free on the product page.

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