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Luminar Learning Center - Luminar 2018

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Luminar Learning Center

Luminar is a fantastic RAW photo editor that adapts to your way of thinking and post processing. What Skylum has done with the Luminar user interface is nothing short of brilliant. I want to help you get started. On this page is a series of FREE Luminar tutorials to get you moving quickly. You can also read my full review of Luminar

1. Introduction

Luminar is an adaptive RAW photo editor that is a lot of fun to use. In this introduction, I tell you what excites me about this software.

2. Tool Overview

Let me give you the guided tour of Luminar. In this video, I give you the rundown of the interface and tools available.

3. Beginner Workflow

The presets in Luminar make it incredibly easy to transform your photo with a single click. In this video, I show you how to select and apply presets to your images. I also explain how to use the retouching tools.


Presets are a great way to jumpstart your photo processing. However, there are times when you want more control. In this video, I show you how to customize the look of a Luminar preset. I also explain how to add your own filters and create your own presets, too.

5. ADVANCED Workflow I

Are you an advanced post processor? You can hand craft your image from start to finish in Luminar. In this video, I do just that by hand picking the filters I want to apply. Also, I introduce adjustment layers and masking, the ultimate in creative control. 

6. ADVANCED Workflow II

You want more control? In this video, I talk about the deeper features of Luminar. I review the masking tools and show you how to easily feather masks. Also, I explain how to add image layers and use blending modes to combine textures with your original photo. Then, I wrap up explaining how you can stack presets.

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